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How Can I Treat A Kitten With A Cold At Home

How to Treat a Cat With a Cold | Cuteness 3 Ways to Treat a Cat With a Cold - wikiHow Kitty Colds: How to Help a Cat with URI - Happy Cats Haven 3 Ways to Treat a Cat With a Cold - wikiHow Adding water to canned food can help keep your cat hydrated. Signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, "tacky" gums, and decreased skin. If you have some Vitamin C in the house, mix some into the food as an immune booster. Change her bedding at regular intervals and make sure it is thoroughly disinfected before you use it again. All her toys should be cleaned and disinfected too.

Just ensure the products you use aren't phenol based, as this is poisonous to cats. How can I treat my cat’s cold at home? Once your cat is seen by a vet and prescribed the proper medications, you can use a humidifier in a small. Cat cold home remedies You can also do a few tricks and home remedies to treat cat cold. Regularly clean your cat’s face with a damp, lukewarm rag to clear mucus from the nose and eyes. Also eye ointment from the vet or inhalation with saline solutions can help to relieve the symptoms. It is best to use an inhalation aid especially for cats. If the infection is minor, you can try the home remedies listed below to alleviate your pet's cold. 1. Clearing the Nasal Passage. Keep your cat’s airways from being blocked or congested by getting rid of nasal discharge. You can use a damp paper towel or washcloth for this purpose. Clean their eyes in a similar way. It is important for your feline friend to eat to keep up his strength. Step 2 Use a humidifier in the room with your pet. Adding moisture to the air can relieve congestion and make it easier for your cat to breathe. Step 3 Make sure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water. She needs to drink water to prevent dehydration. Step 4 Take your softest, smallest cloth and dampen with warm water, then gently wipe its eyes, nose and mouth. This will not only open its breathing passages, but it will make it feel like Mom is taking care of it, which will stimulate soothing. Check with your vet before beginning any home treatment. suggests several home remedies for feline colds. They include gently cleaning the cat's nose (where nasal discharge is prevalent), moisturizing the cat's nose. I say assotta is right but if they don't drink enough u might have to hand feed the kitten. Dont force them. Id also say wash and boil there food n water bowls to kill any bacteria n wash n clean litter box n scoop then fill with.

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How Can I Treat A Kitten With A Cold At Home

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