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Why pick The Moon Planner.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This is your Daily Planner and Journal, with Guidance to Live in Harmony with the Moon, Astrology and Becoming One with your own Cycle.

It will help you to connect deeper to your body and natural cycle, by tracking and journalling about your menstrual cycle. This is all along side phases of the Moon, moon rituals to connect with the Moon and its phases. There is space for intention writing, your goals and also daily gratitude.

With an added guided womb meditation in there too.

We are living in a time where it is essential for us all, but especially women, to become embodied and reclaim their innate wisdom and power. We owe it to our ancestors, who burned for living an embodied life and in harmony with the Earth and Moon. We owe it to the future generations who will become the new Guardians of the Earth. We must carve out the path, so they may find it easy and live in a world where it is normalised to live in a way that we are fighting so hard for at this powerful and intense junction in time.

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