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About The Creator of 
The Moon Planner


My name is Emily Fox, I am the creator of The Moon Planner. 

I'm so excited to finally share this daily planner with you!

I have been brewing this idea in my womb for three long years, and finally here is my baby!

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with the Stars and especially the Moon!  The Moon has always been my teacher and beloved friend. For the past three years I have discovered the power and life changing lessons our beautiful celestial friend has to offer as she traverses through the cosmos! Each zodiac sign she passes through is another humble lesson.

This is likened to our moontime cycle we have as sacred womben. Each month we shed, and with the sacred blood from our wombs, we learn to listen to her wisdom. 

I have decided to dedicate myself to the wisdom my womb holds, and I have been urged to share this daily tool with you. As I myself needed this planner, I could not find anything similar at the time, and still nothing where the Womb and Moon are united in Rituals and daily journalling.

I hope you also share my passion, as I believe that the World will Heal, when Womben come home to their Wombs.

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